The Many Uses of Prestige

The uses and attendant benefits of the Prestige line of hospitality solutions are numerous. Best of all our customers are finding new ways every day to use our products to solve problems. 


Prestige enhances the presentation, image or theme of food service with custom printed and embossed tray mats and tray liners, doilies and coasters. These non-slip, moisture and grease resistant products can easily be wiped off to look as good as new. They help to ensure the safety of servers and patrons by inhibiting the movement of glasses and dishes on the serving tray. Unlike paper products, Prestige products do not degrade while in use and they add an elegant look to the tray when placed on the customer’s table. Our products can be found at better commercial and industrial food and beverage service settings; restaurants, bars, golf clubs, resorts, and cafes.

Hotel, Motel, B&B

Hoteliers enjoy all of Prestige's hospitality benefits, enhancing the presentation, image or theme of food and beverage service, plus hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast operators enjoy the fact that Prestige tray liners make for elegant room service tray liners, they dress up bureaus and dressers and add a touch of class for the bathroom as toiletry tray liners. Adding to your prestige, all Prestige tray liners, doilies and coasters can be embossed or printed with any desired design and produced to any shape desired, reinforcing the brand image to the hotel guest. See some of the world's leading hotel brands on our Customers page. 


Whether by air, rail, road or sea, Prestige non-slip products reduce the risk that comes with en route food service delivery and presentation. Prestige non-slip food tray liners, place mats and doilies provide a positive and attractive base for food service presentations, but the genius of this product is its ability to stabilize the tray’s contents for meals served in transit – whether on the road, rail, sea or in the air, on buses, trains, cruise ships, and airlines. The video on the Home page illustrates the ability of our non-slip products to keep tray contents stationary at angles of tilt up to 30°. We easily can print your logo as part of our continuous press run.

Industrial Applications

We started out with a focus on hospitality solutions and that is still in our name, but we've come to appreciate what many in the industrial manufacturing business see in our expanded polystyrene foamed film: an impressive weight-to-strength ratio, resistance to grease and moisture and with durability that all combine to make it ideal for many industrial applications like packaging, liners, spacers.

Using our partnering approach to problem solving, let us work with you to perfect a new solution to meet your industrial needs. 

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